Thursday 17 May 2018 - 11:40

Milan Design Week 2018

It's been several weeks since the team visited Milan Design Week, but we are still feeling inspired by many of the wonderful concepts, colours, innovations in design and how we can incorporate them into our schemes.

Colour - This vibrant mustard yellow was seen as a key colour in soft furnishings, and accent chairs and is a colour we had already incorporated into a recent project.


Pink - Cosmetic tones of blush, nude and rust were seen at Sonos where technology and aesthetics, form and function combine.



The Lazy Susan is back! This retro design was given a contemporary update in new materials and finishes. 



These Stools from Anna Scotta showed great contemporary design with lots of personality and sophistication.



There were many Electric Doors and room dividers featured, whether sliding, rotating or with built in shelving, which allow space and rooms to become adaptable, giving a new take on open plan living. 


As stockists of QlockTwo, it was great to see the collection has expanded and new colours and finishes have been added.


Walking through the streets of Milan we came across many interesting textures and colours and inspiration for surface pattern. 






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